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OK, here's the rub. The program is written in Visual Basic 6, so it requires extra files that may, or may not be part of your current Windows set-up. It only works in VB - if there is enough interest I could create a C++ version for DOS (or potentially UNIX, but I don't want to make promises I might not be able to keep). If this is the case email me.

I haven't bothered going into detail like I did for BZDate. The only thing here is the full 1.4Mb zip file and the program on its own. I warn you that it is unlikely you have the relevant VB6 runtime files, and that you will probably be best off downloading the full thing.

BZDate2K - 15Kb (zipped)
Just the program itself. If you are unsure whether your system will run VB programs and don't really want to download the whole thing, try this first. Unzip and run the BZDate2K.exe.
Full Install - 1.4Mb (zipped)
This has all the files you should need, and - once unzipped - will setup the program for you. Least hassle, biggest file. It will unzip to a Temp directory, once unzipped run Setup.exe to install BZDate2K.
If you want the full Setup, but don't want to download a 1.4Mb file, you can send me an SSAE, and I'll send you a floppy disc with it on. Email me if you need my address (Monks only).

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