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What is Havvoth Nar?

For those people unfortunate enough to not know what Havvoth Nar is, it is the Tropist Monks of Byzantium new year. It has been celebrated since the dawn of time (about 5 years ago), and consists of little more than an excuse to get completely wasted and talk sentimental excrement until the early hours of the morning. Bitching about ex-lovers is often very much in evidence. It is the most important festival of the year! Everyone is expected at the very least to have a good time, whereever they are. Beer and drugs are optional, but highly recommended.

Since the new year is coming, it is the annually appropriate time to begin arguing about Saints. It is a Discordian tradition never to wholly agree as to who the Saints are, and everyone should begin compiling their lists of Saints ready for publication in the post-Havvoth Nar issue of d8mer.