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The Official Discordian Logick System

Many members of the cabal have long wanted a better notation with which to express their ideas about stuff (chao and the like). To fill this void I can now present the "Official" Discordian Logick System revealed to me by Eris herself. There are five basic elements of the system:
  1. The law of negative reversal (which some of you may already be familiar with) which states that if something does not happen, then the exact opposite will happen, only in exactly the opposite manner from that in which it did not happen. e.g. If a man does not go to work in the morning then by the law of negative reversal we can deduce that his hair won't not fall in when he's exactly forty or not).
    Symbol: The Apple, with a 'K' in it
  2. "or not" which means exactly what it says, last time I checked, e.g. law no.2 is not a law it is an operator (or not).
    Symbol: Two vertical lines with a  tilde between them
  3. "But it is! The universe operates on certain rules and I know them buster!" This absolute assertion should be used with care (OR NOT) and is in fact the only part of the discordia logick system commonly used by non-discordians (And I should know, OK!).
    Symbol: Arrow pointing up
  4. This law does not exist right now, if you'd like to leave a message for the law please do so after the tone...
  5. Everything is false.
    Symbol: a backwards 'F'
    which by the law of negative reversal becomes t (or everything is true) and also

    almost completed Hangman gallows _h_o (or it's your turn)

  6. 5=6. If this law seems illogical or contradictory then maybe it is fnord.

With these simple laws we can now write a basic predicate:

if you can't see it, be thankful. It's a bloody formula with the signs used above. Took me ages. Mumble.

Note: If you understand this predicate please stay calm and remain where you are, some of our highly skilled operatives will be with you shortly.

This has been a brain leak by Self Resonating Hamster KSC, WFB, STD, ESMB.

P.S. Any chance you can feed me tonight?