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Sanctification Rites

In order to avoid spending the afterlife as a small coin, and other such unpleasant fates, it is advised that every Tropist should ensure that wherever they participate in beer worship, the building, place or person should be sanctified or consecrated. Consecration is performed as follows:
  1. You will need:
  2. Strike the glasses against each other, with the glasses tilted left, then right, then forward, then backwards and then against the table or floor.
  3. Both participants should drink from their own glass.
The place of worship should be consecrated either before, after or during the worship, but it doesn't matter when it happens. Therefore, monks are advised to be particularly cautious when visiting places that they aren't going to visit ever again. I sanctified lots of places during the month of the Demon this year [5 AA], but I forgot to do that nightclub in Barcelona. Boy was my face red when our car was broken into, my copy of the Principia Discordia stolen and I didn't get laid for almost a week. Doomer.


First Rule of Spag

Once you have their virginity, you never give it back.