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The Legion of Apathetic Discord

Whatever. If you can be bothered, and you don't want to be a member of the Legion of Dynamic Discord because the word "dynamic" is anathema, then you can join this instead. You don't have to do anything, though eating from the six major food groups (starch, cholesterol, alcohol, sugar, nicotine and cannabis) is recommended to help you achieve the appropriate mental state. Watching 'Going for Gold' with your mouth open may also prove helpful.

Having vaguely decided to join, you may add the letters 'LOAD' after your name. If you are also a 'Woefully Inert Dullard Emeritus' then you can add the letters 'WIDE LOAD' after your name.

But none of this is of the slightest importance. Don't do anything involving expenditure of unnecessary (or necessary) effort. Whatever.

(Jehanine, MESA, WIDE LOAD)

[The acting Omnibenevolent Polyfather in Gold would like to observe that membership of the Legion of Apathetic Discord is automatic, and in order not to be a member you must opt to not join. This helps to preserve the Legion's high standards of inaction. To join: do nothing.]