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At present, there are three download files, available as self-extracting zips, and one PDF file. The self-extracting zips are designed to work in a common folder, so if you download more than one, extract them to the same place...

For some half-arsed hints and tips for getting these downloads to work, and for a brief explanation of a Self-Extracting Exe click here.

Outlands PDF (3.9MB)
This is a PDF file of the RPG Outlands. Right-click the above link and choose Save link as... Thanks go to Chris Keeling for rescuing Outlands from the ancient FrameMaker format.
Avatar Self-Extracting Exe (363Kb)
This file contains Avatar.
Shifter Self-Extracting Exe (453Kb)
This file contains Shifter.
All the other games Self-Extracting Exe (186Kb)
This file contains Contract, Alpha Strike, BiffTM and The Music Game Thingy.

Avatar Utilities - 10 The Lovers 11 AA

All new! The first Avatar utility is nearing beta stage, and I have decided to stick it up here for people to have a look. There's no help or anything yet, but if you know Avatar it should look simple...

Avatar PC Generator Zip file containing setup files (1.768Mb)

Byzantium Date Converter

The date conversion program, BZDate2K is ready for general download.
BZDate2K Page
The original program told you what today's date is in the Byzantium calendar. It also allowed you to enter a gregorian date and find out the corresponding Byzantium date. Lurvely! Oh yeah, and it's free! Huzzah! This is the newer, updated version of BZDate. There were a couple of bugs with the original, so I re-wrote it with my good friend, Count Bob. It works in a completely different way, though it looks the same and is still written in VB. Though this time in VB6.

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