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At last - almost 10 years in the making (*cough*) - we can finally bring you a downloadable version of Outlands, the Discordia Incorporated classic RPG from the last century, but based centuries in the future.
Currently only availble as a PDF download weighing in at just under 4MB download your copy of Outlands here (right-click and choose Save link as...)
Thanks go to Chris Keeling for rescuing Outlands from the ancient FrameMaker format.
Space opera role-playing for the discerning player, this game was inspired by the classic 1970's Marvel comic 'The Micronauts', but can be played in any space opera setting. Narrative heroics are stressed over detailed mechanics, and the system is quick and easy to learn.
Discordia's first role playing game, and still its most popular. A fantasy role playing game in which the players and the GM co-operate to build the world they will play in, and in which magic is only limited by the imagination of the players - but mages who get too reckless will swiftly be driven insane.
Time travelling, adrenaline pumping, sweaty group action. Discordia Incorporated accepts full responsibility for any delirious fun experienced whilst playing Shifter.
The quickest, leanest RPG system ever (not counting Judge Dredd, which quite frankly was pants)

Only ContractTMis 100% ready, but the others should be mostly there. Email me at webmaster@discordia-inc.co.uk if you notice any errors, or with comments/suggestions etc.


Alpha Strike
The card game of pointless Starship Combat.
The story-telling table-top battle game that is.
The Music Game ThingyTM
A game of corporate war and backbiting in the music industry. The cards that are required for TMGTTM will be available shortly.

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