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ContractTM Rules

Character Contract

Click here for a character details contract. Complete the relevant boxes with your character's Background, Talents and Description, and Personality.

A character's background must make sense of their talents - that is, the character must have have had a reasonable opportunity to learn the skills listed in talents. The Gamesmaster will only sign a character contract when he or she is content that the character presented is plausible and realistic to whichever setting is being used.


Anything your character does is resolved by spending chips. If you do not spend any chips, your character will probably fail to do whatever you are saying they are doing. A standard character has:

Note that 'because I'm going to die' need not represent exceptional circumstances, although 'because my daughter is going to die' might do. Also note that having special reasons to succeed does not alter what your character is actually able to do. You must always take the details written on your character contract into consideration.

Note that you may spend chips when you are asking the Gamesmaster if your character knows a particular item of information to represent your belief that your character should know about it.

Abusing Your Contract

If the Gamesmaster deems that you have abused your character contract or chips, there may be a delay in getting certain chips back. For severe abuses, you may not get the chips back at all. In addition, the Gamesmaster can always remove chips from you, although this may not always mean that you have abused your character contract.

Regaining Chips

At the end of each Scene, the Gamesmaster restores chips, according to how appropriately they feel the character's behaviour was, relative to the character contract. If the Gamesmaster does not restore all your chips, it may be because he or she feels your character is getting fatigued (especially if they did not return whites) or it may be that they feel you have been abusing your chips, or it may mean they do not feel you are playing in character. However, whatever the reason you must not disrupt the session by asking the Gamesmaster for an explanation. It is their prerogative to control the return of chips and your duty to accept their decisions gracefully.


Older or more experienced characters have fewer white chips and more blue and red chips. If you wish to start your character off as more experienced, you may exchange two whites for a blue, or two blues for a red. You are restricted to never having more reds than blues. You may also make younger and less experienced characters (ones with more energy than experience) by exchanging chips in reverse (red for two blues, blue for two whites).

Bonus Chips

Gamesmasters can award bonus chips of any colour at their discretion for anything they consider appropriate. These are lost once they are spent, but otherwise they last indefinitely (even between sessions). If your character has lost a blue or red chip because of abuse of the chips, a bonus chip can be used to replace the lost chip, with the Gamesmaster's permission.


In a campaign, the Gamesmaster may periodically award Experience. A point of Experience can be used to upgrade a white chip to blue, or a blue chip to red. You may not upgrade a blue chip to red unless the number of blues you have is equal to or more than half your number of whites (i.e. if you have four blues, you may upgrade to red if you have eight or less whites). That is, blue to red only if #blues >= (#white / 2).

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