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Avatar - 14 April 1996 - 10 August 2001

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Anyone who knows me will know of my cat, Avatar. He was full of life, mischief and fluff. He saved my life last year when my landlord tried to kill me.

This page is a dedication to him. He was only with me 5 years in body, but the memories will live on. I love you, little friend.

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Cokaigne with baby Avatar (Awww Factor 8)...[Click]


Bridal Avatar...[Click]

Up close...[Click]

Looking coool...[Click]

Oh so cute...[Click]

Two for the price of one...[Click]

He liked a drink...[Click]

Those eyes could see right through you...[Click]

He was very fluffy...[Click]

And cute...[Click]

But could be a little bitey...[Click]

But most of all he was cute and fluffy...[Click]

He could have been a star...[Click]

He loved to play...[Click]

With other fluffy things...[Click]

He was even cute whilst asleep...[Click]


How could anyone resist...?[Click]


He had a lot of fur to clean...[Click]

His best friend, Vicky. This was the last photo I took of him...[Click]

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