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Search Engines:

Northern Light
New high-quality search engine. With Altavista having dropped its higher search facilities, Northern Light's custom search folders and other bells and whistles make this an instant hit with the Polyfather. Not to mention, it was the first search engine to return the Discordia Inc. site from a web search ("quantum beable"). Definitely worth a look.
A professional search engine in the old-style (without all those annoying adverts). They also cache pages on their servers to (hopefully) allow for quicker download.
All 4 One MetaSearch
"combining the power of all the worlds best search engines into one"
AltaVista Search
In the early days, one of the best search engines around. It still offers a good all-round service, but appears to have attempted to be all things to all people (a hopeless task).
Infoseek Search Engine
Another good all rounder, Infoseek is often more up-to-date than AltaVista, and well suited for searches on recent topics. It is powered by Google now, and is more of a portal.
One of many meta engines, MetaCrawler is ideal for searches on easy-to-find topics, allowing you to cast your net wide early in your search.
Mamma: Mother of All Search Engines
Another respectable metaengine, useful in more or less the same situations as Metacrawler as an alternative starting point.
Internet Movie Database Search
The Empress of Internet Movie Sites, the IMDB can provide information on films, cast, crew, directors and just about anything else you care to think of. Constantly updated - and willing to accept new information from just about anyone who'd care to submit.

Friends of Discordia Incorporated:

A Discordian site that has a Discordian site list, as well as Discordian Research Technology News and such.
Discordian Links
A site of links that are Discordian...
Discordian Oracle
They have erected an Oracle here. Have you the will to ask it a question, and pay it's price for the answer? Have you?
Site of the cabal, Ordo Templi Sensibilium. Very nicely designed, friendly and writing orientated.


Discordia Inc.
An excellent glimpse in to the philosophy of the people who made this site.
Robert Anton Wilson
Philosopher, Discordian Prophet and all round nice guy, there are few places where humour and intelligent thought mix so swimmingly.
It's good to have options, and where better to have options than in who to sleep with, and who to love? After all, 90% of the world population is out of your reach, unless you want to learn a lot of foreign languages, but you could double your options right in your home town if you weren't so gender biased.


A site for one of the many offshoots of the Discordian Society, The Church of the Subgenius has also been one of the most successful.
Discordia Inc.
The home site of the Acting Omnibenevolent Polyfather in Gold and some nice people.
One of many Discordian sites.
Confession To Conspiracy To Assassinate JFK by Kerry Thornley
Co-founder of the Discordian Society, this site delves deeper into things.
Principia Discordia 5th Edition Intro
An online version of the Discordian Holy Book.
The Quran and Revelation
A link to a non-Discordian religion.
No idea yet...

Fringe Science:

Parapsychology - Psychokinesis - Scientific research.
A great entry point for all things psi.
The RetroPsychoKinesis Project
An online research project investigating retropsychokinesis: altering events in the past,
Rupert Sheldrake
Site about Sheldrake and the Hypothesis of Formative Causation.
Rupert Sheldrake's own online presence.
SPECULARIUM - A site for speculative ideas in science and magic
A general "let's knock about ideas" site.

Altered States:

Joseph Bearwalker Wilson: Exercises for Shamen
Some good exercises in Shamanism.
Neuro Linguistic Programming
Site dealing in a form of metaprogramming.

Games & Toys:

International Hobo
A place that is brimming with ideas. Want to produce a computer/board/card/RPG game, but can't think of anything but Doom/Monopoly/Uno/Dungeons & Dragons? Here's where you need to be.
The Micronauts Homepage
70's toys that make modern toys look as cheap and nasty as they really are.
The Micronauts Comic Homepage
The homepage of the comics of the toys of the 1970's.
Spectrum Archive - Main Menu
Fairly self-explanatory.
Arcade ROM Heaven - Where All Your Arcade Dreams Come True.
A good source for arcade ROMs.
A good site for all things emulated. Except ROMs. It does boast the official MAME site though (and has pop up fun).
The PFG M.A.M.E. List! -- High Scores --
For the petty and anal, MAME high scores.
Discordia Inc.
Role playing and boardgames from the world's second largest Discordian games producing company.
Steve Jackson Games
The world's largest Discordian games producing company, but they don't give their games away free like certain other links not far from this one.
Possibly the best Mah Jong simulator available.
Die Seefahrer
For players of 'The Settlers of Catan' ('Die Siedler von Katan'), a great source for the 'Seafarers' ('Seefahrer') expansion.

Alleged Humour:

Humor Columns & Fun Stuff @ BULMASH.COM
Now at the IMDB, Greg Bulmash is best known for the now deceased 'The WashedUpdate' and his earlier humour columns, presented here.
Welcome to Charles Fleischer's MonkeyDog!
I can't remember what this is, but I seem to remember chuckling.


Joy Of Propaganda
Purveyors of T-shirts designed for the more discerning heretic. Go on, it's fun!
Welcome to Corporate Watch --- www.corpwatch.org
An organisation working hard to reveal which corporations are the ruthless, bloodsucking, planet fucking bastards we suspect them all to be.
Vegan Village
No other site on this page will tell you how to caramelize a leek.
Barbarian's Online Tests Page
Assorted personality tests of sometimes dubious virtue. Informative and amusing in parts.
Antarctic Press Home Page!
Comics publisher renowned for their anthropomorphic comics and 'Warrior Nun Areala'.
The Ocarina Music Corner
Purchase this intriguing musical instrument, as played by world-renowned Ocarina virtuoso, Jehanine.
The Waltons Homepage
Waltons episode guides and more.
Welcome to Snapple
The Nectar of the Goddess.
Heartless Bitches International - "because we know that BITCH means: Being In Total Control, Honey!"
Normal people blowing off steam.
KZLA - Southern California's Country
A random Californian Country Music station.
The Squirrel Site
A site about squirrels.
New Scientist Planet Science - News, jobs and more from the leading weekly magazine
A sometimes amusing and sometimes informative site for all things science.

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