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VLARP is broken!

For those who don't know, I roleplay being a vampire on occasions - I've always had fun and always encouraged others to do this sort of thing - it's a release for me and I always enjoyed it. Until now.

I heard a lot of people bitching about how ST's don't do their jobs, and how things were unfair blah blah, and I just though they were whining because they didn't get what they wanted to happen. Now story wise I have no problems not getting what I want - otherwise it's not a story, who says I should control it all..

But anyway - I recently got into a situation with a character I've been playing for about 5 years - let's call him Legion for the sake of argument. I had to roleplay a scene with some people who I would never be able to meet except once a year - so we did it over email. It was the most long, drawn out thing I had ever done - from start to finish it took 2 months to complete - and what happened? I walked into someone's house - answered a few questions, and got staked and shipped off to someone else. During the whole time the ST's were in control of the situation, but they wouldnt 'take' control - they waited, and waited and waited and waited.

I got pissed off - I got my ST to write a letter asking for a new decision, and that was 3 weeks ago - and still no reply, not even an "No, its how it stands" or even "I'll get to it in the next week" or something - just nothing. It pisses me off to no end that people will not communicate with you - I'd rather them say the character is dead so I can move on. I hate everyone.

Yours annoyedly,

Whimsy El Capitan, Malaprop the pissed off, Nick etc...

[ For those not in the know - VLARP stands for Vampire Live Action Role Playing, and ST stands for Story Teller - webbie]