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Type Indicator Test

1. Do you like your room to be primarily:
(a) a private sanctuary
(b) an organised work area
(c) a place to entertain friends

2. Do you tend to base your decisions on:
(a) experience
(b) emotions
(c) hunches and instincts

3. Are you more uncomfortable with:
(a) making decisions
(b) breaking rules
(c) making rules

4. Do you feel uncomfortable with:
(a) unfinished business
(b) having to finish a work in progress
(c) working on a project alone

5. Do you have:
(a) an organised perspective on life
(b) a broad perspective on life (you are part of a wider picture)
(c) a deep perspective on life (you look beneath the surface of what goes on)

6. do you tend to think about:
(a) possibilities
(b) actualities
(c) aspects of your life

7. After watching a film, do you prefer to:
(a) discuss the film critically
(b) discuss what you enjoyed about the film
(c) imagine what could have happened after the film

8. When working on a project, is it most important that you:
(a) work hard
(b) finish the work before it's due
(c) hold back finishing to ensure you have the all facts.

9. When you are depressed or upset, do you:
(a) spend some time by yourself
(b) distract yourself by helping others
(c) go out and see some friends

10. Do you value your:
(a) common sense
(b) imagination
(c) decisiveness

11. If you are in charge of a group, would you:
(a) be firm, but fair
(b) be uncomfortable
(c) be persuasive

12. If you are romantically interested in someone, do you:
(a) seek some kind of resolution
(b) see what happens
(c) fantasise about what could happen, however unrealistic

13. At a party do you:
(a) interact with many people and enjoy it
(b) leave early if you aren't enjoying it
(c) observe what happens with interest

14. On TV do you watch primarily:
(a) soaps and dramas
(b) science fiction (e.g. 'X Files', 'Star Trek')
(c) nothing in particular - you prefer to go out

15. Do you believe in:
(a) the facts
(b) justice
(c) being humane

16. Do you prefer:
(a) being in full control of your life
(b) enjoy doing lots of different social activities
(c) let life happen - go with the flow

17. Would you prefer to have:
(a) many friends
(b) a few, close friends
(c) opportunities to help your friends

18. Do you like your house to be full of:
(a) options - a variety of things to choose from
(b) useful things
(c) interesting and imaginative things

19. Is your room usually:
(a) scrupulously tidy
(b) comfortably anarchic (you know where everything is)
(c) practically arranged

20. When looking at a piece of art, do you generally:
(a) just like or dislike it without reasons
(b) look at it as possible inspiration
(c) assess it

21. Are you interested in:
(a) what happens around you
(b) your reactions to what happens around you
(c) the possibilities offered by what happens around you

22. When thinking about the future, do you:
(a) prefer not to plan ahead
(b) think what could realistically happen
(c) speculate as to what could possibly happen

23. When one of your friends is upset, do you:
(a) offer sympathy
(b) offer objective advice
(c) offer a plan of action

24. If something needs doing (a report; the washing up) do you prefer to:
(a) have a system for dealing with it
(b) do it as soon as possible
(c) do it when it has to be done (not at all, if possible)

25. In your spare time, do you like to:
(a) conserve your energy for when you need it
(b) read books or watch films
(c) be physically active

26. Do you think of yourself as:
(a) practical
(b) ingenious
(c) decisive

27. Do you think people would accuse you of:
(a) being closed off
(b) being too ruled by your principles
(c) being swayed by your values

28. Would you like your friends to see you as:
(a) devoted
(b) flexible
(c) helpful at organising things

29. Do you think your friends see you as:
(a) sociable
(b) down-to-earth
(c) someone who knows when not to interfere

30. Do you live in:
(a) the present - what is in your life
(b) the future - what could be in your life
(c) the past - what was in your life

31. Do you like to be able to:
(a) help your friends
(b) understand your friends
(c) have fun times with your friends

32. Is your usual strategy:
(a) plan ahead
(b) analyse and implement
(c) adapt as you go

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