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12. The Credits

12.1 Designer's Notes

Shifter began as a short story called 'The Shifter'. written back in 1990. It didn't work well, because it was too short to get across all of the concepts involved, making it fairly incomprehensible. After a couple of attempts to make it work by taking a different approach it became apparent that it'd work better as a Role Playing Game.

In 1993, the Shifter rules were written (on a piece of cardboard 10 x 10 cm) and the character sheets designed. Late June 1993 saw the first ever Shifter game. One of the play testers was whisked away for a surprise birthday party, but two players - Boon and Brian - stayed for the first ever voyage into the Matrix. The two Shifters - Legionnaire and Lynch - went Rogue and tried to destroy each others host bodies. Much fun was had by all.

Shifter was revised slightly, but no rules were written down over the following years. Many more Shifters ventured into the Matrix during this time, and the thought of actually writing the rules down became a constant threat. After the publication of Outlands Fifth Edition, and the production of the first edition of Corruption, along with the threat of losing the facilities of the Manchester University Computer Science Department looming menacingly on the horizon, the time came for Shifter to finally see print.

12.2 Credits (First Print)

Copyright ©1995 Chris Bateman.
Based on 'The Shifter', copyright © 1990 CM Bateman.

Produced by Discordia Incorporated. First printing May 1996. Shifter is another Mad Chris Production.

Whilst Shifter appears to be advocating violence, waste and general antisocial behaviour, it is important to note that this is nothing but satire. We`re actually advocating beer, soft drugs and plenty of sex.

The use of trademarks, quotes, character names and other such stolen material should not be considered anything less than blasphemy. Viva Una Stubbs!

If you have any comments, suggestions, improvements, problems or queries regarding this product, send them to:

Email: discordia-incorporated@usa.net

A sheet of the latest errata and a catalogue of Discordia Incorporated products can be obtained by sending an SSAE to this address(TBC).

Some popular Discordia Incorporated products are given in the sidebar. Cheques should be made payable to Discordia Incorporated, and post & packaging must be added on orders under 20.00. If we do not have the item you want in stock, your cheque will be returned, unharmed.

We hope you get one tenth of the enjoyment out of Shifter that we have, but not quite as much as we hope that you buy something else from us in the future.

All Hail Discordia!

Aphrodite & Mad Chris,
21st September 1995 & 24th June 1996

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