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It was one of those days. Terrorists has planted thermonuclear devices throughout the country, and war had broken out in the Middle East. The First Church of Crispy Pancakes had declared that all life was meaningless and had all taken cyanide in their champagne at the stroke of midnight. Everything was coming together beautifully. I set up a tackline to my partner to find out how things were going at her end.

"Aadi? I think I'm done here. There won't be anyone left alive by the end of next week."
"In which case you may as well come over here," she replied. "because I'm having great problems demolishing this timeline. I think we may have a rogue Shifter on our hands."
As I prepared myself to shift into Aadi's timeline and lend her a hand, I looked around at the collapsing civilisation. I love my work.

The Game

Shifter is a role playing game based around a society in the far future so improbable that they have to send interdimensional demolition experts back in time to ensure that it continues to exist. Travelling between different versions of reality, these Shifters stabilise and destabilize different timelines - known as variants - by tampering with history. Along the way, they come into conflict with Rogue Shifters, and Shifters sent from different timelines, bent on eliminating the players' version of history entirely.

The Players

As a professional Shifter you are trained (albeit not very well) for the complex task of Shifting. Choose between the four standard Specialities - Gaunt, Teknic, Psyker and Seer - or create your own. Because of the near-infinite variety of different timelines, there are no limits to who or what your character is - from a clone of Elvis to a sentient pizza. For 2 or more players aged 18 or over with plenty of beer and snack food on hand. At least one deck of playing cards will be required.

The Rulebook

The rules cover a wide variety of topics including:

Player's Guide

1. Introduction
2. Shifters
3. Skills & Tasks
4. Shifting
5. Charting History
6. The Variant Corp.
7. Variant Physics

The Gamesmaster's Book

8. Guidelines
9. Behind Skills
10. Emergency Gamesmaster Instructions
11. Answers to the Preliminary Exam
12. The Credits

Preliminary Exam
Character Sheet


Primer in Shifter Slang
Explaining Synching
Technology Through the Ages
Entropy 101

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