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Tech Through Time

SIN Guns

The Gaunts' favourite weapon, SIN guns are ballistic firearms capable of a variety of different rates of fire, and offering a variety of different options at the moment of firing.

SIN gun magazines have two sections. One contains several hundred shells, which propel munitions with tiny gyrojets at variable velocity (the muzzle velocity can be set at the time of firing). The other contains a vast variety of different munitions: high explosive, incendiary, armour piercing, ricochet, nerve toxins and the patented boneshatterer munitions are all common.

Whenever a shell is fired, the exact nature of the shot can be controlled. Hyped Gaunts have been known to perform remarkable feats with their favourite SIN guns, and most Shifter teams have a case of SIN guns in the Stack before heading out into the Matrix.

There is no reason that Shifters shouldn't use other weaponry - and indeed they are encouraged to load the Stack with weapons from a variety of different Epochs, but the flexibility of a SIN gun makes it the weapon of choice for the serious Gaunt.

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Anti-gravity Technology

By the Violet Epoch, anti-grav technology has usually been invented. Low powered anti-grav craft can be controlled using the Aquatic, GEV or Ground Vehicle control skills as the distinction between the different types of vehicle are likely to have become somewhat blurred.

High powered anti-grav craft are capable of getting more than a few metres off the ground and are hence controlled using the Aircraft control skill.

High velocity anti-grav vehicles are likely to be using a different power system for thrust, as anti-grav technology doesn't produce a great deal of force in any direction other than against the local gravity.

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Jericho Devices

These devices - often used as weapons - halt nuclear processes. When fired into a sun, it will cause it to explode, usually killing all life in the appropriate solar system. Shifters occasionally use Jericho devices as `quick fixes' to failed shifts, since the ultimate result is an effective massive drop in the rate of entropy increase in a solar system, sometimes causing the variant to collapse if it was already close to the Mayron Condition. However, since the exploding sun and wise-scale destruction of planets causes a massive jump in entropy, it can have precisely the opposite effect, causing a shuffle and making everything more complicated.

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Gravity Drives

The most common form of interstellar craft throughout the Matrix, gravity-driven vessels catapult themselves across the vast emptiness of space by using the gravitational forces around suns to contract space-time to a fraction of its normal width and hurl themselves across.

The effect is like using a piece of elastic in reverse; simultaneously making the area of space crossed much smaller and using the elastic properties of that space to propel the ship along. As with most aspects of Shifter technology, it is not necessary to understand it, just to accept it.

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Sometimes when the White Epoch is reached, all that is discovered is how to splice an object from one point in a variant to another point in the same variant (changing spacial coordinates but not quantum or temporal coordinates). Teleporters are effectively proto-shiftboxes and comparatively uncommon, since most cultures who get as far as developing teleporters go all the way and develop full shifting technological capabilities.

Weird Shit

Physics is not absolute across the Matrix, and all kinds of strange things can occur in obscure variants. Whilst our regular understanding of physics usually applies, in some variants, space is not a vacuum, magic-like psionics exist, and men in tights can fly.

Almost every film or book you've ever seen or read could have its tale told somewhere out in the Matrix. Whilst these unusual variants are rare, the Matrix is a staggeringly huge place (you thought space was big, well it is, but it's nothing compared to the Matrix) and you never know what you might encounter


Destiny shiftbox:
a small shiftbox (about the size of a shoebox) capable of manipulating local time, making Lashing possible.
Marauder shiftbox:
a device about the size of a desktop computer allowing people with shifting powers to take over the bodies of people without shifting powers.
Stonewall shiftbox:
a shiftbox capable of suppressing psionic influence of other variants, usually used to trap a Shifter in a particular variant. Stonewall shiftboxes are usually about the size of a fridge.
Tempest shiftbox:
a large, complex shiftbox, incorporating all the features of the Destiny, Marauder and Stonewall shiftboxes and about the size of a small car.

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