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Some eclectic stuff you just can't be without:

Discordia Incorporated Competiton
Our Spanky New Comp! Win a copy of DI's time travelling, adrenaline pumping, sweaty group action RPG, Shifter. Just answer a question for which the answer is held only in your head... (if you dare)
Rhesus Factor
Get your fix of this superhero, comic inspired section. The only known Rhesus Factor site on the Web!
Spiral Lobster's MBTI Personality Test
Developed by the Polyfather as a devotional offering to the spirits of bureaucracy, here is a fast and simple personality test with essentially no Discordian content.
The Norbury Agreememt
Whereby the Star Trek fans and the Babylon 5 fans are put in their respective places.
Dr. Martin B Chase gives of his views freely. All should listen to this intriguing essay on Neuroharmonics.
Ever wondered why you hate Christmas? Let the Tropist Monks of Byzantium explain all.
The Truth is Out There...
Jehanine delivers the Truth. If your truth does not arrive within 30 minutes, then it is free.
Truth: The Final Frontier
In which absolute truth loses its pants. A sequel to Jehanine's musings on truth.
An extract from the prequel to the hugely popular 'Dreamtime' by Spiral Lobster.
VLARP is broken!
Captain Whimsy vents his spleen. Adjust your spleen shields to maximum...

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